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We perform aquatic rehabilitation which is beneficial for a variety of individuals. Aquatic movement rehabilitation differs from land rehabilitation due to the specific properties of water. These unique properties decrease joint compression forces, reduces inflammation and provide feedback for improving posture. We use the resistance of the water during exercise and provide a safe environment for addressing balance, strength, and posture. For those patients who may have difficulty exercising on land, aquatic rehabilitation would provide a comfortable and therapeutic medium in which to gain strength and endurance.


Aquatic Rehabilitation evaluation takes place on land where treatment goals and plan of care is initiated. If aquatic rehabilitation is indicated, the instructor will establish follow up sessions in the water. It is not necessary for patients to know how to swim before initiating an aquatic therapy program. A rehabilitation instructor directs each treatment session. Access to the pool may be by stairs, lift or ramp depending on location.



Most patients find that aquatic movement provides a safe way to regain their strength, balance, range of motion and flexibility while at the same time help manage pain and swelling. Treatment sessions vary from four weeks to maintenance on average.



Rise Above Aquatic Rehabilitation consists of three instructors that are all certified Rehabilitation Specialists, Aquatic Fitness certified. Rise Above has liability insurance, and all employees have First Aid and CPR accreditation.  As rehabilitation specialists we have experience working with the MS society, occupational therapists, and with the physiotherapy department at the QEII Hospital.


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Grande Prairie, Alberta


Tel: 780-933-1349


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