Equipment Used

Ankle Cuffs

The unique, one-size-fits-all cuffs and Predator Fins are made of soft Santoprene rubber for strength and flexibility, and can be worn comfortably on the wrists or ankles for full body conditioning.


Water noodles have become such a popular pool accessory that they’ve migrated into many water aerobics and aquatic rehabillitaion. Some of the exercises involving noodles include using them as a flotation device while kicking, and pushing water noodles down into the water, which they naturally resist. This resistance makes for good strength training.

Aquatic walkers are designed for users with good to normal head and trunk control that could use some assistance when walking or moving through a pool. Featuring four buoyant foam supports and easy-to-grip handrails, the Aquatic walker  provides support on all four sides.

Inflatable Neck Support

Inflatable neck collar which keeps head above water and the body in a vertical position. Velcro tie provides a snug fit. Design of the float makes it more difficult for the swimmer to place their head under the water. Latex free and easy to inflate/deflate. Popular for swimmers with under developed reflexes and minimal head and limb control as found in impairments like cerebral palsy, head and spinal cord injuries and muscular dystrophies.   

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