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Irene Miller
Kim Meyer

Having been a competitive swimmer, Kim is a fantastic swimming lesson instructor and has been working as a movement instructor for 5 years. Kim is full of energy and continues to prove her worth for the aquatics team. She has improved the quality of life for many clients, continuing her growth with additional training and academics.  She is certified in Rehabilitation, Common Movement Disorders and Water Fitness.

Irene has worked with individuals with special needs for over seventeen years. She has successfully finished her diploma in basic skills and has used this as a huge advantage when instructing her clients. She enjoys working with all types of individuals including those with chronic illness and disabilities. She specializes in water movement, is certified in seniors’ fitness and rehabilitation this allows her to be able to work with individuals who have had a dramatic change in their day to day lives.

Kasey  was once a competitive synchronized swimmer and has since increased her knowledge of fitness with achieving full certification in Water Rehabilitation, Arthritis Instructor  and Aquatic Group Fitness. Kasey will guarantee a challenging workout and stronger core by the end of each session. Kasey continues to seek knowledge to improve the quality of our program. 

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